Unfinished Water based Anavar suspensions 25mg/ml On Sale

How to make anavar powder into unfinished anavar suspensions 25mg/ml?
Anavar suspensions 25mg/ml     1 Liters
Anavar powder oxandrolone  25g
BB:20% 100ml
BA:2% 10ml
Ps80:3% 15ml
sterile water or distilled water:850ml.

Anavar suspensions-50mg-1ml-semi-finished

Step 1:u need to filter BB 20%,BB 2%,Ps80 3% for 2 times by filtration machine.

Step 2:u need to mix anavar powder 25g with BB 20%,BA 2%,Ps80 3% together.
(mixes substances: anavar powder 25g+BB 20%+BA 2%+Ps80 3%)

Step 3:u need to use heating elements to heat the mixes substances into 100% pure unfinished anavar oils.

(heating temperature: 170℃ to 200℃)

Step 4: u could filter pure unfinished anavar oils  for 2 times.

(filtering temperature:165℃ to 175℃)

Step 5:after u filter the anavar oils well,then u could pour 850ml sterile water into injectable anavar oils beakers,to mix injectable anavar oils with sterile water together,and sterile the water based anavar suspensions on average.

Step 6.finally,it’s done.

(Filtration Paper:it could bear for 170℃~300℃ temperature)

what are the cycles of anavar oxandrolone?
Although Anavar has gained popularity as being a ‘cutting agent’ or ‘cutting steroid’ throughout the past, its capabilities are not limited strictly to this. Although it can perform and assist quite well in the area of achieving fat loss and physique definition, it is an excellent compound for mass gaining, strength, and bulking. Being that it is 3 – 6 times the anabolic strength of Testosterone, Anavar cycles can indeed be bulking cycles without issue.
However, because Anavar does impose some strain and toxicity in the area of liver function, it cannot be utilized for the same length of time as those core injectable compounds can. Therefore, it is often included at the beginning of any cycle for the first 6 – 8 weeks before it is discontinued. Anavar cycles can be extended to a maximum of 10 weeks at a reasonable dosage,

What are the dosages of anavar oxandrolone?
The vast majority of medical applications called for an Anavar dosage in the range of 2.5 – 20mg per day, which was of course heavily dependent on the type of sickness, disease, or disorder that Anavar was intended for. Within medicine, Anavar has been utilized as an example in AIDS patients within the range of 20 – 80mg per day in order to combat and/or reverse muscle wasting.

How should u store Oxandrolone?
Store at room temperature.
Store in a dry place. Do not store in a bathroom.
Keep all drugs in a safe place. Keep all drugs out of the reach of children and pets.