SARMs liquid orals Vs. SARMs oral capsules,pills to make ostarine powder into oral capsules,pills?

if u are going to make ostarine powder into oral capsules,u could check the

following receipes for reference.


ostarine powder 100g      ostarine dose:25mg/dose

03# capsule filling tools    50mg/capsule

50mg/capsule – 25mg/dose ostarine =25mg/dose corn starch

25mg/dose ostarine : 25mg/dose corn starch =1:1

100g ostarine: 100g corn starch powder=1:1

100g ostarine + 100g corn starch=200g

200g=200,000mg 200,000mg ÷ 50mg/capsule=4000 capsules

then,u could use 100g ostarine powder to make 4000 capsules ostarine.


if u are going to make ostarine powder into oral pills,u could following receipes for reference.

100g ostarine=100,000mg

100,000mg ÷ 25mg/dose=4000 pills

225mg/pill 225mg/pill * 4000 pills=900g

Section 1:
mixes powder 900g
ostarine powder 100g
Microcrystalline cellulose powder:400g (40%)
Magnesium stearate powder:10g (1%)
corn starch powder:390g

Section 2:
dry mixer machine(VB)

Section 3:
Pill tablets machine(TDP 1.5T)

2. receipes for making ostarine powder into SARMs liquids orals
MK-2866 50mg/ml                  1L
ostarine                                  50g
Polyethylene glycol 400    475 ml
Edible alcohol                    475ml SARMs oral capsules,pills with SARMs liquid orals,which types effects
would be better?
autually,oral capsules or liquids orals,all their effects are great.
some clients think that oral capsules could let them gain more comfortable feelings.
some other clients think that SARMs liquid orals would be more stronger;
this issues couldn’t have a specific answer,but SARMs capsules,pills are more popular in nowdays.what do u think?

ostarine-powder-GTx-024-mk2866 we provide SARMs capsules,pills,or liquid orals?
sorry that the finished SARMs capsules,pills,liquid orals are not available for us,
but we still could guide u to make SARMs powders into oral capsules,pills,etc many oral capsules can u make by 1kg SARMs powder?
for example,if u are going to make 1kg ostarine powder into oral capsules,
the dose is 25mg/per capsule,then u could make 1kg ostarine powder into 40,000 capsules ostarine.