Anavar Vs. Masteron Propionate

What are the difference between anavar  and Masteron Propionate ?
The main difference is that Anavar is administered orally and Masteron is by injection.
This means that Anavar has been chemically altered to survive passing through your liver and therefore is bad for your liver and also your cholesterol. Masteron needs to be injected regularly because it’s propionate – so usually 3 times a week – but the upside is that it
won’t hurt with your liver.
Apart from that-the two compounds are very similar. Both DHT-derived, both pretty anabolic, both classed as weak androgens, both non-aromatizable (conversion to estrogen).
Similar in effects-usually used on cutting cycles. stimulate lean mass growth both good for stacking with other compounds.
Personally I don’t use orals anymore. so Anavar is off the menu. and for pure cutting I use Primobolan. However, Masteron is a great stacking steroid – you can stack it with pretty much anything (even Anavar).
As always, we recommend beginners stick with testosterone.


what are the receipes for anavar steroids oil solutions and masteron propionate steroids oil solutions?
anavar oil solutions 20mg/ml 1L
Anavar Powder 20g
Ethyl Oleate/MCT oils:50/50

Masteron Propionate oils solutions 100mg/ml 1L
Masteron Propionate Powder 100g
MCT oils:the rest.


Could anavar powder be made into injectable steroids oils and liquid orals anavar?
yes,not only anavar powder could be made into oral oxandrolone capsules,pills,
Oxandrolone  powder  still could be made into liquid orals and oil based anavar solutions,anavar suspensions.