How To Use SARMs powder? could them be made into liquid orals,capsules,pills? if yes,how to make them?

1.SARMs Powder could be made into liquid orals,capsules,pills. to make SARMs powders into liquids orals?
if u are going to make powders into liquid orals,u will need PEG-400 or PEG-600,
and a high proof (drinkable)alcohol,usually bacardi 151 or spirit they call
for example,if u are going to make ostarine liquid orals.u will need ostarine powder,PEG-400,Edible alcohol to make it.


3. how to make SARMs powders into oral capsules?
(1)if u wanna make oral capsules,u will need SARMs powder and some excipient raw materials.
(2)capsule filling tools,they are including for 6 sizes:
0# capsule filling size 500mg/capsule
01# capsule filling size 250mg/capsule
02# capsule filling size 100mg/capsule
03# capsule filling size 50mg/capsule
04# capsule filling size 30mg/capsule
05# capsule filling size 10mg/capsule
(3)if u wanna make a large quantities of capsules,u will need half-automatic capsules machine,some excipient raw materials to make it.
(4) how to make oral SARMs pills?
methods 1: u need to prepare SARMs powder,corn starch powder,Microcrystalline cellulose powder,Magnesium stearate powder,
granulation powder machine,pill tablets machine(TDP-1.5T).

methods 2: u need to prepare SARMs powder,Microcrystalline cellulose powder, magnesium stearate powder, Silica Di Oxide powder and Di-calicum Phosphate powder,granulation powder machine,pill tablets machine(TDP-1.5T).