how to make oil based anavar 25mg?how to make water based anavar suspensions 20mg? how to make oral anavar capsules,pills?

when u get anavar powder,what u will do? are u going to make it into oral capsules or pills?actually,oxandrolone powder still could be made into oil based injectable steroids oils and water based anavar suspensions injectables;but how could we make them successfully? u could check the follow detailes for reference.


how to make anavar var powder into oil based oxandrolone 25mg/ml
Receipes for oil based anavar 25mg/ml
500ml @25mg/ml
12.5g anavar powder
8ml BA(2%)
80ml BB(20%)
120ml Guaiacol(30%)
GSO/EO half/half


Receipes for water based anavar suspensions 20mg/ml
Anavar 20mg/ml 
1L @20mg/ml
20g anavar powder
15ml BA(2%)
150ml BB(20%)
225ml  PS80(30%)
590ml distilled water


how to store anavar powder?
Storage: Keep out of the reach of children; protect from light; store at room temperature; do not refrigerate or freeze.

how to make anavar powder into oral capsules,pills?
1.if u are going to make oxandrolone capsules,u need to prepare anavar powder,excipients raws materials,capsule filling tools,capsule filling machine,etc.

2.if u are going to make oxandrolone pill tablets,u need to prepare oxandrolone powder,excipients raw materials,pill tablets machine(TDP 1.5T or TDP 5T),granulation powder machine,Tablets dyeing fluids,etc.