Semi-finished Nandrolone Propionate Steroid Oil Solution 100mg/ml

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COA of Nandrolone propionate

Product name

Nandrolone propionate


White crystalline powder




Loss On Drying



Chromatographic Purity

single impurity:1.0%max


total impurities:2.0%max


Organic Volatile Impurities

meets the requirement.


What Nandrolone steroids oil solution do we sell?
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How to make Nandrolone Propionate powder into Nandrolone propionate oil solution 100mg/ml?
Nandrolone propionate steroid oil solution 100mg/ml 1000ml
Nandrolone Propionate Raw Powder 100g(≈75ML)
MCT oils:the rest( or grape seed oils,Safflower oils)

Unfinished Nandrolone Propionate oil solution 100mg 1ml

How to compare MCT oils with grape seed oils?

Benefits of MCT oils
Benefits of using MCT oil:
1. 100% pure MCT oil is colorless and transparent, the color of the injected oils is fully clear, transparent, and does not get yellow
2.MCT oil viscosity is small, the semi-finished steroid oils are easy to be filtered.
3. MCT oil can be used to make large doses injectable oils, such as Test E 600, without crystallization.
4. The large dose injectable oils by MCT can solve the problem of Ethyl Oleate allergy.

Note: u still can use Grape seed oils to cook injectable steroids oils,
while MCT is more perfect than Grape seed oils,clients will feel more comfortable and suitable.