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Quick details of Progesterone
Product name:Progesterone Powder
Product Categories:Steroids;ketone;Biochemistry;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Intracellular receptor;Steroid and Hormone
Chemical Properties:Crystalline Powder

category of Progesterone
Immunomodulatory medicine

Progesterone Powder For Sale Online

What are the usages of Progesterone?
For menstrual disorders (such as amenorrhea and functional bleeding)
, Corpus luteum function, threatened abortion and habitual abortion, premenstrual syndrome treatment.
Ovulation or corpus luteum dysfunction caused by dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
Menorrhagia. Dysmenorrhea. amenorrhea. As an intrauterine device for the release of hormone drugs. Miscarriage

What are the dosages and cycles for Progesterone?
Intramuscular injection, 10mg ~ 20mg / for once.
(1) habitual abortion: intramuscular injection 1 times
10mg ~ 20mg, 1 day or 2 to 3 times per week, has been used for the fourth month of pregnancy.
(2) Functional uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea: 6 to 8 days prior to menstruation daily injection
5 ~ 10mg, a total of 4 – 6 days, treatment can be repeated several times.
Dysmenorrhea caused by dysmenorrhea, estrogen can be used in conjunction.
(3) menorrhagia and metrorrhagia: intramuscular injection of 10 ~ 20mg, 5 to 7 days
For a course of treatment, can be repeated 3 to 4 courses, each treatment interval of 15 to 20 days.
(4) amenorrhea: give estrogen 2 to 3 weeks after giving this product daily
3 ~ 5mg, 6 to 8 days for a course of treatment, the total dose should not exceed 300mg ~ 350mg,
Treatment can be repeated 2 to 3 times. (5) Threatened abortion: 25mg ~ 50mg / day.
(6) Prostatic hyperplasia: 20mg / time, 2 times / day.
Oral or vaginal administration: 100mg / for once, morning and evening (2 hours before going to bed)
Each time, each period of 10 consecutive days (usually in the cycle of 17 to 26 days).

How does Progesterone work?
Progesterone is a hormone released by the ovaries. Changing progesterone levels can contribute to abnormal menstrual periods and menopausal symptoms. Progesterone is also necessary for implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus and for maintaining pregnancy.
Lab-made progesterone is used to imitate the functions of the progesterone released by the ovaries.