Sell 99.72% Prohormone 11-OXO Powder Adrenosterone For Male Genuine Muscles Growth

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COA of   11-OXO powder

Ref. Standard


Results Of Analysis Tests


Analysis StandardResults



Light Yellowish Crystalline Powder

Light Yellowish Crystalline Powder




Melting Point



Specific Rotation

+124°~ +129°


(HPLC) Related substances






Loss On Drying






Sieve analysis

≤30 Ìm



This product conforms to the USP32

What is 11-OXO?
Adrenosterone is a non-methylated prohormone which has been affected controlling cortisol. Most people use adrenosterone as a way to
change their anabolic metabolism and reduce the visceral body fat that they may have. As a result many athletes are able to lean out
their body mass very effectively while mildly building up muscle. This medication is extremely beneficial for bodybuilders who are
interested in shedding fat while maximizing muscle mass. By using the 11HSD1R enzyme which converts cortisone in our body into catabolic
cortisol, this medication will actually work to create enzymatic activity that boosts cortisol levels directly in fat muscle and tissue
so that the cortisol ways muscleman ass can never turn into fat deposits. With less options for fat storage throughout the body
bodybuilders and athletes can continue to build on the muscle that they have as well as reduce any of the fat that is in their bodies to
get a lean and powerful body. Any bodybuilder preparing for competition or running a steroid cycle can benefit from using adrenosterone
because it can target the court is all that makes us fat and ensure that it can help us boost your overall strength training while
reducing other fat deposits throughout our bodies. The recommended dosage on this medication is 100 mg every day.


What does 11-OXO do? What are the benefits of 11-OXO?
11X is commonly used in cutting cycles as the primary benefit of it is that 11X will help lower cortisol levels. Cortisol essentially breaks down your muscles aka catabolism and actually promotes fat gain. Who wants to lose muscle and gain fat? Additionally, cortisol works to decrease testosterone, so the higher your cortisol levels the lower your testosterone levels will be.
11-OXO is primarily used in cutting cycles and should also increase strength. This compound is also commonly used in high dosages, with users reporting usage of anywhere between 200-900mgs per day! People also commonly stack this ingredient with Epistane.

What are the side effects of using 11-OXO?
Due to 11-OXO being a non-methylated prohormone, its toxicity is very low, meaning side effects are very low. Users will seldom report elevated blood pressure.

Do u need to do Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) when u are using 11-OXO?
Yes, PCT is of the upmost importance after a cycle of 11X as your hormone levels will need to be normalized.

How do u use 11-oxo in a Cycle?
11-OXO will provide benefits of increased fat loss and muscle hardening ran on its own in doses ranging from 300mg to 500 mg orally and 180 mg applied topically everyday. 11-oxo can pass through the skin with the right carrier, thus is can be applied right on the mid section and chest. This results in a much lower dosage being needed since more of the hormone gets into the system when applied on the skin, as opposed to ingesting this non-methylated hormone and making it suffer the chemical inferno of gastric digestion. Since it does not have a Methyl group to protect it during digestion, Bodybuilders have found that much less Androst-4-ene-3,11,17trione(11-oxo) is lost in delivery when applied topically on the skin. This results in even less being needed (less than 180mg per day) when transdermal delivery is used, as opposed to the 300mg to 500mg needed to see noticeable effects when used oral.

What are the known side-effects?
Mostly joint dryness and more propensity to injury. It does NOT convert to Estrogen so that is never a concern with 11-oxo. It can also cause loss of libido, especially in those prone to erectile dysfunction. Many users are taking HCGenerate during cycle to keep Libido going strong even while using these powerful prohormones and even steroids.

what do clients think for the SARMs & prohormones drugs?
1.some clients feel that the SARMs is more better than Prohormones,no any post cycle therapy.they are very effective for human muscle bobybuilding.

2.some other clients say that the prohormones would be great than SARMs,no any side effects and water retentions. what do u think?