pharma injectable steroids oils anavar oxandrolone 20mg per ml

pharma injectable steroids oils anavar oxandrolone 20mg per ml

Receipes for anavar injectables

Anavar 20mg/ml oil-based  1000ml
20g Anavar
10ml BA(2%)
100ml  BB(20%)
150ml  Guaiacol (30%)
Grape seed oil:360ml or MCT
Ethyl oleate:360ml or MCT


how to make anavar powders into injectables?

1.u need to prepare the following
(1)glass beakers
(2)Measuring cylinder
(3)filter machine
(4)stir bar
(5)sterile flask 500ml or 1000ml
(6)water bath heating equipments.
(7)filter paper Ф50mmX0.45um nylon material


2.then,u need to filter BA 10ml,BA 100ml,Guaiacol 150ml,Grape seed oil 360ml,ethyl oleate 360ml. filtering times:3 times.

3.after u filter them well,u need to prepare alcohol lamp, asbestos net,Experimental operating desks.

4.the next,u need pour the 20g anavar powder,BA 10ml,BA 100ml,Guaiacol 150ml into one glass bearkers,to heat the “mixed substances”

with 3~4 minutes,until the “mixed substances” become to be melted,u need to add grape seed oil 360ml,ethyl oleate 360ml,

to make the mixed oils be heated more pure and better,after u find the mixed oils be heated into pure oils,u could make the “mixed

oil” with cooling down for a while.

5.finally,u could filter the anavar oils for 3 times,then it is done.