Nandrolone Steroids Nandrolone Cypionate Raw Powder On Sale

What is Nandrolone Cypionate?
Nandrolone cypionate (brand names Anabo, Depo-Nortestonate, Dynabol, Nortestrionate, Pluropon, Sterocrinolo),
or nandrolone cipionate, also known as 19-nortestosterone 17β-cyclopentanepropionate,
is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid and a nandrolone ester.

How to make Nandrolone Cypionate powder into Nandrolone Cypionate oils solution 200mg/ml?
Receipes formula:
Nandrolone Cypionate oil solution 200mg/ml      1 Liter
Nandrolone Cypionate powder 200g(≈150ML)
MCT Oils/sesame oils/grape seed oils/Safflower oil:the rest

Nandrolone Steroids Nandrolone Cypionate Raw Powder

What are the benefits of Nandrolone Cypionate?
1. Enhancement Of Protein Synthesis
2. Increase Nitrogen Retention
3.An Increase In The Number Of Red Blood Cells
4.Increase Of Collagen Synthesis
5.Enhancement of the Mineral Content Of Bones
6.Elevate Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1
7.Obstruction of Glucocorticoids

What are the dosages of Nandrolone Cypionate?
This means that for the therapeutic benefit, a quantity of 50mg to 100mg would be sufficient every 3 to 4 weeks over a period of 12 weeks. For the treatment of muscle atrophy or anemia, it would be sufficient to take a dose of 200mg each week. It is possible to use it for muscular enhancement at doses of 300mg to 400mg each week, and not uncommon for an individual to use 600mg each week. Of course, these extreme doses increase the risk of adverse side effects significantly. Sticking to a maximum of 400mg per week is usually more than enough for the growth of lean muscle mass.

Nandrolone Cypionate Raw Powder On Sale

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