Muti-Blend Semi-finished Steroids Oils Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml Oils On Sale

What are the ingredients of Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml?
Cut Stack Depot 400mg 1ml oil is made up of Testosterone Enanthate 150mg,
Trenbolone Enanthate 125mg,Masteron Enanthate 125mg;
this muti-blend steroids oils is very effective for male muscles stack cycles.

How to make Cut Stack Depot 400 raws into pure semi-finished steroids oils Cut Depot 400mg/ml oils?
Receipes formula:
Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml  1 Liters
Testosterone Enanthate powder 150g
Trenbolone Enanthate  powder 125g
Masteron  Propionate   powder 125g
Ethyl Oleate/Grape seed oils: half/half

unfinished steroids Cut Stack Depot 400mg 1ml oils on sale

Step 1:
first,u need to mix Test enan 150g,Tren enan 125g,Masteron prop 125g together. (mixes powders/Cut Stack Depot 400 Raws)

the second,u need to mix Cut Depot 400 Raws with BB 20%,BA 2%,Grape seed oils,Ethyl Oleate oils together.

the third, u could begin to heat the mixes substances into pure unfinished steroids oils Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml oils.
(heating methods: water bath heating, Temperature Controlling:65℃~70℃)

the fourth,u could filter the semi-finished steroids Cut Stack depot 400mg/ml oils for 3 times.
the next, u could pack the injectable steroids Cut Stack Depot 400mg/ml oils into 10ml vial bottles.

Finally, it is done.

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