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Quick details of Nandrolone Laurate powder
Product name:Nandrolone laurate
Other name: Testoviron,Laurabolin,4-estren-17beta-ol-3-one laurate
CAS register number:26490-31-3
Molecular Formula:C30H48O3
Molecular weight:456.71
Products Purity:99.77%
Appearance:light yellow raw liquids
Packages: foil bag or tin
Shipping Channels:EMS,TNT,UPS,FEDEX,DHL.
How to make an order: after our clients confirm the order,then the tracking number and parcel pics will
be sent to our clients within 8 hours.
Payment Methods: western union, bank transfer,moneygram,Bitcoins.

Nandrolone Laurate raw liquids

How to make Nandrolone Laurate Raw Liquids into Semi-finished steroids Nandrolone Laurate oils 100mg/ml?
Receipes formula:
Nandrolone Laurate 50mg/ml 1L
Nandrolone Laurate Raw Liquids 50g
Ethyl Oleate/MCT oils: half/half

What is Nandrolone laurate?
Nandrolone laurate (Laurabolin) is an injectable form of nandrolone. When comparing this compound to Deca Durabolin, it is essential to understand the difference in the carbon atoms. In this particular case, the laurate ester contains 2 longer carbon atoms, giving it an even longer half life than that of the decanoate ester.

How are the PCT cycles with Nandrolone Laurate?
Another big problem with Nandrolone laurate is how long it will stay in your system because of its incredibly stubborn half life. When you take anabolic steroids, your pituitary glands will shut down the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), and even if there are small amounts of foreign hormones left in your body, it will continue to prevent any sort of recovery. Therefore, it is essential for you to run a very thorough and patient post cycle therapy (PCT). Otherwise, you can face major recovery problems after cycle. Please see the perfect pct for more information.

What are the half life and dosages of Nandrolone Laurate?
The half life on Nandrolone laurate (Laurabolin) is quite long at around 18 days. Keep in mind that half life is not active life, it simply means that if you inject 200 milligrams (mgs), after the duration of the half life only half this amount will remain in your system, and so on. Hence, as you can imagine, this compound will stick around for a solid 6 weeks period after stoppage.

Dosages and cycles with Nandrolone Laurate
Nandrolone laurate is sold on the veterinary market of certain countries in either 20 or 50 mg/ml amounts. Males should take approximately 200-400mg per week, and injections are needed only once a week.
Females can experiment with nandrolones because of their mild nature and low androgenic tendencies. Nevertheless, they are still somewhat androgenic, so no more than 50 mgs per week is advised for women, and if virilization issues occur, laurabolin’s use should be immediately ceased.

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