Genuine Pre-made Oral Aicar Liquid Suspensions 10mg/ml On Sale

Quick details of Aicar Powder
Products Name:Aicar Powder,Acadesine Powder
CAS Number:2627-69-2
Appearance:Off-White Powder
Products Purity:99.86%
Molecular formula:C9H14N4O5
Molecular weight:258.2
Melting point:215 – 216 ℃
Identification:H-NMR LCMS
EINECS: 220-097-5
usages: human lean muscles growth
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Speciafications of  oral Aicar Liquid Suspensions 


Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator

CAS Number


Molecular weight


Chemical Formula


Alias Name  

Aicar Oral Liquid Suspensions,Acadesine Oral Liquid Suspensions

Melting point

215 – 216 ℃


Room temperature


PEG, Ethanol

Organoleptic Profile

Clear liquid

Physical Form

Solution in PEG, Ethanol


HPLC (99.86%)

Oral SARMs Aicar Powder On Sale

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Genuine Oral Aicar liquid suspensions 10mg 1ml

How to make oral Aicar powder into oral Aicar liquid suspensions? can we provide Oral SARMs suspensions receipes?
Re:(1) if u are going to make Aicar powder into oral liquid SARMs suspensions,
u will need Aicar powder,edible alcohol,PEG-400.

(2).please be free to email us or call us by whatsapp if u wanna find out the oral SARMs suspensions receipes.