How to make oral steroids powders into injectable steroids oils?

let’s see 4 examples

Example 1— Winstrol Suspensions 50mg/ml

Example 2—Anavar suspensions  25mg/ml

Example 3—Dianabol  Suspensions 50mg/ml

Example 4—Anadrol Suspensions 50mg/ml

oral steroids winstrol stanozolol raw powder

Section 1:
How to make oral winstrol powder into injectable winstrol suspensions 50mg/ml?
water based winstrol suspensions 50mg/ml   1 liter
receipes formula:
Winstrol  Powder  50g
sterile water:the rest
(winstrol melting point—242ºC)

oral steroids anavar oxandrolone raw powder

Section 2:
How to make oral anavar powder into injectable anavar suspensions 25mg/ml?
water based anavar suspensions 25mg/ml    1 liter
receipes formula:
Anavar Powder 25g
sterile water:the rest
(anavar melting point: 235-238℃)

oral steroids Dianabol Metandienone raw powder

Section 3:
How to make oral dianabol powder into injectable dianabol suspensions 50mg/ml?
water based dianabol suspensions 50mg/ml    1 liter
receipes formula:
Dianabol Powder  50g
sterile water:the rest
(dianabol melting point: 163-167℃)

oral anadrol oxymetholone raw powder

Section 4:
How to make oral anadrol powder into injectable anadrol suspensions 50mg/ml?
water based anadrol suspensions 50mg/ml    1 liter
receipes formula:
Anadrol Powder 50g
sterile water:the rest
(anadrol melting point: 172-180℃)

Note: Dianabol Powder,Anavar Powder,Winstrol Powder,Anadrol Powder are all

belonging to high melting point products.

before u are going to make these oral steroid powders into injectable steroids

suspensions,u must use high temperature cooking to heat these oral powders into

pure steroids oils,the next,after u filter these steroids oils for 3 times,

then,u can begin to add sterile water in these steroids oils.

the next,u can mix the sterile water and steroids oils together,to mix sterile water

with steroids oils on average.

finally,all are done.




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