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Quick details of SARMs ACP-105 Powder
Products Name: ACP-105,SARMs ACP 105,ACE-XT,SARMs ACE XT;
CAS Number:899821-23-9
Products Appearance:white powder
Products Purity:99.65%
dosages:15mg-27mg/per day
Usages: male powerful muscles growth
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What is SARMs ACP-105?
ACP-105 could be taken orally and might be a highly effective SARMs.
ACP-105, a novel non-steroidal SARMs. ACP-105 is shown to be as potent and efficacious as testosterone in in vitro assays without interaction at other hormone receptors. Moreover, ACP-105 demonstrates potent anabolic effects on muscle and bone with minimal effect on prostrate in preclinical models.
ACP-105 is often a non-steroidal and selective androgen receptor agonist. ACP-105 belongs to a class of molecules called selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs). SARMs may advance the standard of answer to a variety of disorders including muscle-wasting conditions and osteoporosis, with fewer unwanted effects as compared with current treatments based on testosterone replacement. ACP-105 has exhibited promising pharmacological properties along with a favorable safety profile in preclinical testing.

SARMs ACP-105 Powder for sale

How to make SARMs ACP-105 Powder into oral SARMs ACP-105 capsules?
Receipes formula:
100g SARMs ACP-105 Powder          corn starch powder 100g      

03# capsule filling tools: 50mg/capsule

SARMs ACP-105 dose:25mg/dose 50mg/cap – 25mg/dose ACP-105=25mg/dose corn starch

25mg/cap ACP-105 : 25mg/dose corn starch=1:1

100g ACP-105 : 100g corn starch powder=1:1

100g ACP-105 Powder + 100g corn starch powder=200g mixes powder

200g mixes powder=200,000mg 200,000mg ÷ 50mg/capsule=4000 capsules( SARMs ACP-105)

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