99.77% MKC-231 SARMs Orals Anabolics Coluracetam Powder For Sale Online

Quick details of Coluracetam Powder
Product Name: Coluracetam
CAS Number: 135463-81-9
Molecular Formula:C19H23N3O3
Coluracetam Molecular Weight:341.4
Apperance:White Crystalline Powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
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99.77% Oral SARMs Coluracetam Powder MKC-231 On Sale

What are the benefits of SARMs Products Coluracetam?
1. Enhance mental intelligence
2. Boost memory and leaning capabilities
3.imporve brain power to solve problems and protect
it from any chemical or physical injury
4.Enhance motivation level
5.Enhance the control of cortical/subcortical brain mechanism
6.improve sensory perception
7.it Eases Depression
8.it may help improve vision
9.Increase muscle and extend stamina
10.Antidepressant effect,through the promotion of nerve signal transmission, have a significant effect on depression.
11.it is used for treating dementia, mild to moderate vascular dementia, traumatic embolism caused by memory and intellectual disabilities
As well as promoting children’s mental development.

What are the dosages of Coluracetam?
Anecdotally,nootropic users report dosing in the range of 3~35mg up to 3x per day.
it is generally advised to begin dosing at the lower side of ranges to determine your reaction to the substance and work up as desired.

How to make 100g Coluracetam Powder into oral capsules 20mg/dose?
Receipes Formula:
Coluracetam powder 100g 03# capsule filling tools 50mg/capsule

50mg/capsule – 20mg/capsule dose Coluracetam=30mg/dose corn starch

20mg/capsule dose Coluracetam : 30mg/dose corn starch=2:3

100g Coluracetam powder: 150g corn starch powder=2:3

100g Coluracetam powder +150g corn starch powder=250g

250g=250,000mg 250,000mg ÷ 50mg/capsule=5000 capsules (Caluracetam capsules)