99.76% Injectable Steroids Hormone Trenbolone Base Raw Powder

Chemical properties of Trenbolone base
Product Name: Trenbolone Base 
Product Purity:99.76%
CAS Number:10161-33-8
Melting Point 186℃
Appearance:light yellow crystal powder
Alias:trenbolone; trienbolone; b-trenbolone; beta-trenbolone
Formula: C18H22O2
Anabolic activity index: 500%
Androgenic activity index: 500%

What is Trenbolone Base?
Most of the reviews provided by users on multiple blogs, forums and discussion boards have stated that the best results are obtained using Trenbolone acetate. Strength on each milligram is significantly higher. Trenbolone acetate is considered as much powerful than the Trenbolone enanthate, although the ester attached with Trenbolone enanthate is long. The available doses of Trenbolone acetate is 50mg to 100mg. while Trenbolone enanthate has 200mg dose available. Trenbolone doses are taken frequently. The recommended dose of Trenbolone acetate is 200mg to 400mg in a week. While the recommended dose of Trenbolone enanthate is around 400 to 600mg per day. This difference is huge due to the esters attached with Trenbolone.

How to make Trenbolone Base Raw Powder into Trenbolone Base Oil solution 50mg/ml?
Receipes formula:
Trenbolone Base Oil Solution 50mg/ml        1 Liter
Trenbolone base raw powder 50g(37.5ml)
Ethyl oleate:Grape seed oil=50%:50% (or by MCT  Oils)

Trenbolone Steroids Trenbolone Base Raw Powder
How to make Trenbolone Base Raw Powder into Water based Trenbolone Suspensions 50mg/ml?
Receipes formula:
Trenbolone water suspension 50mg/ml       1 Liter
Ps80(Polysorbate 80):3%
Sterile water:the rest

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