99.75% Pharmaceutical Semi-finished Steroids Testosterone Propionate 150mg 1ml Oils For Sale

Quick details of Testosterone Propionate Testosterone Propionate 150
Effects: Rapid raw muscle mass increase, rapid strength increase
Product Brand Name: Propionate 150
Other name: Testosterone Propionate, Propio, Testo P
Active compound: Testosterone
Ester: Propionate
Type: Injection
Concentration: 150 mg/ml
Total quantity per packaging: 1500mg
Dosage: 450–1,050 mg per week for 6–12 weeks (or longer)
Beginners dosage: 450–600 mg per week for 6 weeks
Intermediate dosage: 600–750 mg per week for 6-8 weeks
Advanced dosage: 750–1,050 mg per week for 8-12 weeks
Female dosage: N/A
Protection during treatment: AnaGen (Arimidex)
Pct post cycle therapy: 1 Clomigen (Clomid) and 1 Nolvagen (Nolvadex) per day for 20 days
Level: All Users
Stack: Can be used with any bulking agent and at a minimal level when cutting for hormonal protection.
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Semi-finished Steroids Testosterone Propionate oils 150mg 1ml for sale

How to make Testosterone Propionate Powder into oily solution steroids Testosterone Propionate Oils 150mg/ml?
Receipes formula:
Testosterone Propionate 150mg/ml 1L
Testosterone Propionate powder 150g
Grape seed oils/Ethyl Oleate:half/half


Injectable steroids Oils Receipes formula for Testosterone Propionate oils 150mg/ml
Receipes formula:
Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 1L
Testosterone Propionate powder 100g
Grape seed oils/Ethyl Oleate:half/half


COA  of  Testosterone Propionate





White or almost white crystalline powder

white crystalline powder


Practically insoluble in water ,freely solube in acetone and in alcohol,solube in fatty oils




Assay:(on dry bsis)



Specific Rotation:



Loss On Drying:



Related substances:

Any impurity :0.5%max


Total :1.0%max


Disregard limit:0.05% max



The specification conform with BP2010 standard

Can Testosterone Propionate Powder be made into oral capsules,pills? if Yes,how to make it?

(1)yes,not only testosterone Propionate powder into Oily injectable steroids solutions,
it still could be made into oral capsules and pills.

(2) how to Testosterone Propionate powder into oral capsules,pills?

1.if u are going to make Testosterone Propionate powder into oral capsules,
u will need testosterone propionate powder,ancillary powders corn starch,a set of capsule filling tools.,
some essential empty capsule shells.

2. if u are going to make oral pills,u need to prepare Microcrystalline cellulose Powder, magnesium stearate Powder, Silica Di Oxide Powder and Di-calicum Phosphate;
corn starch powder
Microcrystalline cellulose powder
Magnesium stearate powder

What are the benefits of Testosterone Propionate 150
Advanced muscular growth
Enhanced muscular recovery
A boost in sexual performance
Enhanced energy levels / a feeling of wellbeing
Enhanced strength levels
Protection against subjugated hormonal output
Enhanced fat burning
A half-life of 1-2 days meaning this product needs to be injected often
An enhanced anabolic atmosphere within the body thus boosting the effects of other anabolic items.