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What is Yk11?
one of the newest SARMs on the market – definitely fits into the upper-echelon of SARMS. In fact, YK-11 has been proven to change your genetic potential for building muscle! What makes YK-11 so special is that, while acting as a potent androgen with minimal adverse side effects, YK-11 also acts as an effective myostatin inhibitor. What this means is that you can literally increase your genetic potential to build muscle tissue.

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White  Powder

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YK11 Stack info
Like any of the SARMs a stack is a great way of amplifying and complementing the actions of YK11. However, YK11 is a very powerful compound, arguably the most of any SARM, with such similarities to anabolic steroids that some have argued it should be treated as such.
The research on YK11 is still in its infancy and as such not enough is known about any potential interactions with other drugs. It’s therefore recommended to run a cycle of YK11 solo rather than in a large stack until more is known about the effects.

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What are the half-life of Yk11?
The half life of YK11 is very short which is why a twice-daily regime is recommended for the best results. Early suggestions indicate that the half life would be in the region of 6-10 hours.

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How to convert Yk11 powder into raw oral liquids Yk11 suspensions 10mg/ml?
if u are going to make oral liquids Yk11 suspensions 10mg/ml, u will need 10g Yk11 powder,some edible alcohol liquids,
some PEG-400 oral liquids.
the detailed steps,pls be free to email us or call us by whatsapp directly.