How could we send unfinished steroids oils to USA,Mexico,UK,Brazil in quickly and securely?

as u know,recently many supplier are facing for shipment issues,

some suppliers said that“it is very hard to ship parcels to Mexico,how could we do?”

actually,their country is facing an earthquake crisis,many of their transportation tools

and shipment are broken,but now their country come back to normal.

ofcourse, in order to solve the shipment issues of our Mexico clients,

we already build a new shipping routes for all of our Mexico clients,to let each of them

receive their parcels in fast and secure.

To Mexico:
by HKEMS(spefical shipping routes),no morethan 1 week could be fine on delivered.

by HK-DHL,no morethan 1 week could be delivered surely.

To Brazil,Australia:
by EUB,no morethan 1 week could be sent to your shipping address.

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