what steroids raws could be made into injectable steroids oils easily? are their dosages very high?

Mate,as u know, some steroids raws are for raw liquids,their dosages would be higher

than some raw powders.and they would be more easier to made into injectable steroids oil.

1.boldenone undecylenate raws is for yellowish viscous liquid raw liquids,the highest

dosage is for 500mg/ml.in addition to 500mg/ml dose,this raws still could be made into

200mg/ml,300mg/ml,400mg/ml dose.meanwhile,some other raws also have the similar characters.


2.trestolone decanoate raws is for light brown liquids,trestolone enanthate raws is for

light yellow liquids,all these 2 raws could be made into injectable steroids oils easier

than other injectable steroids powder.


3.testosterone sustanons is for raw powder,but this raws still could be made into

400mg/ml~450mg/ml semi-finished steroids oils.

4.ofcourse,we still have Mixes blend semi-finished steroids oil on sale,such as Tri-

Trenbolone 250mg/ml,Supertest 450mg/ml,Rippex 225mg/ml,Anomass 400mg/ml,

Mass 500mg/ml,all the mixed injectable steroids oils effects would be stronger than the

other single steroids oil.


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