how to make winstrol suspensions in 100% pure? how to control the temperature?

1.first u need to prapare polysorbate 80 liquids,Benzyl benzoate,Benzyl alcohol


2.then u need to filter all these carrier oils into 100% pure oils by professional filter


(1)the reason why u need to filter all the carrier oils,it is that u could make the

winstrol suspensions into injectables with more pure and sterile.

(2)on the other hands,it could reduce your clients pains when injection.,u need to use high-temperature heating elements to heat (winstrol powder &

carrier oils).to make it be melted into 100%  winstrol pure oils.

(1) the reason why u need to heat the (wintrol powder+carrier oils) by  high- is that the winstrol powder melting point is very high,that is hard

to heat the (winstrol powder+carrier oilsinto pure oils by constant temperature.


4. after u heated the (wintrol powder+carrier oil) into 100% pure oils,(high-

temperature would be controlled for 160℃ to 170℃).

then u could make it cool down for a while(until the winstrol oils temperature

becomes into 150~160℃).

finally u could begin to filter the winstrol oils for three times.

5.after u finished all above steps,u could add distilled water to winstrol oils to

change the winstrol oils colour into pure white colors.




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