Latest Semi-finished Steroids Oils Testosterone Acetate 100mg/ml On Sale

how to make testosterone acetate powder into injectable oils?

Section A
before u are going to make inejectables oils test ace,what labs machine do u need?
1.filter machine
2.seal bottle machine
4.distribution vial machine

Section B Receipes
Testosterone Acetate 100mg/ml 1000ml
Testosterone Acetate powder 100g
BB:200ml 20%
BA:20ml 2%
Grape seed oils:340ml
Ethyl oleate/ MCT:340ml


Step 1
use filtering machine to filter BA 20ml,BB 200ml,GSO 340ml,Ethyl Oleate 340ml.
filering times:2

Step 2
put 100g testosterone acetate raws into glass 1,then pour BA 20ml,BB 200ml,GSO 340ml,Ethyl oleate 340ml into beakers 1.
to mix them together first.

Step 3
then u need to prepare 300ml water,use “heating elements”to boil the water into 100℃,then pour the
100℃ water into beakers 2.

Step 4
the next,u could use 100℃  water to heat the “Mixed Substances”(beakers 1) into 100% pure testosterone acetate oils.

Step 5
after u heat the “Mixed Substances”into pure oils,u could begin to filter 1000ml pre-made testosterone acetate oils into
injectable steroids oils. filter times:3/

meanwhile,if u wouldn’t like to use Ethyl Oleate or Grape seed oils to make injectables,the Safflower oil, Sesame oil,MCT oils still could be replaced surely.

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