Testosterone Suspensions 50mg VS Winstrol stanozolol 50mg

testosterone suspension/Testosterone base recipe water based
1000 ml @ 50 mg/ml
50g testosterone base powder
180 ml BB
20 ml BA
30 ml polysorbate 80

winstrol recipes water based
1000 ml @ 50 mg/ml
50g winstrol powder
180 ml BB
20 ml BA
30 ml polysorbate 80



Testosterone base Cycles
Advanced Testosterone Suspension Cycle Example (6 weeks total cycle time)
Weeks 1-6
Testosterone Suspension at 100 – 200mg every day (700 – 1,400mg/week)
Injectable Winstrol (Stanozolol) at 50mg every day (350mg/week)
Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) at 25mg every day

winstrol cycle dosages
Oral Winstrol cycles (i.e. those taking the drug via tablet form) would likely opt for a daily oral dose of 40-80mg. Dosages of 50-100mg are common for the injectable format of the steroid. Cycles tend to last 5-6 weeks in duration. Those new to steroid use and/or Winstrol would be best opting for the lower end of the dosage range, with the more experience users maybe opting for the upper end of the dose mentioned, or maybe surpassing it if they should decide to (although the extra benefits of such a dose will quickly diminish and be over-shadowed by the negative hepatotoxic nature of the drug i.e. it is harsh on the liver.

winstrol  dosages
In most cases a good Winstrol cycle will run for approximately 6-8 weeks at a dosing of 50mg every day. Some will find 50mg every other day to be all they need but as this anabolic steroid has a very short half-life, especially in tablet form daily administration is generally best. 50mg per day appears to be perfect for most any man regardless of his level of experience and we do not recommend going beyond the 8 week mark as this steroid is rather liver toxic. Winstrol is one of the more hepatic anabolic steroids we will ever use but thankfully if used responsibly the liver will return to normal values very quickly after use has been discontinued. The only exception we might make regarding the dose of a Winstrol cycle is for the competitive bodybuilder towards the very end of his contest prep cycle. Many bodybuilders find 100mg per day the last 10-14 days before a show to be very useful in-terms of really hardening them up before they step on stage; however, 14 days is the maximum recommended duration for such a dose due to the toxicity of this steroid.


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