specical shipping channels to send best gear steroids oils,raws online!


1.with the gear steroids shipping becoming more and more district,

how could we guarantee 100% secure shipping to send to USA,UK,Canada,


(1)to US,UK,Canada,we provide for HK-FedEx,HK-DHL to ship,it is very fast and secure to pass through their country customs,

by best discretion packages,it is no problem for shipment.

(2) to Brazil,peru,Paraguay.etc.we provide for HK-post,SG-EMS,DHL,FedEx.it is still very easy to pass through their country customs,

the pass rate is pretty highly.

(3) to Australia,as we know,their country customs are very district and professional,but by E-express,EUB,HK-post,it is very safe

and fast to pass through their country customs,if their shipping address are for po-box address,then the customers do not need to

pick up their parcels.we could ship the their parcels to their address directly,no problem!

2.do we support for air shipment and sea shipment?and how do we ship them in safety?

(1)yes.every month,we will ship a lot of quantities steroids oils,raws to many countries,such as USA,UK,Germany,Poland,Australia,etc

(2)we will use safe name to replace the steroids name or SARMs,fat burners.to ensure that our customers could receive their parcels in

safety and surely.on the other hands, we also provide discretion shipping ways to ship large quantities steroids powders, pre-made steroids.

if u wanna check more info,u could email us at sper@bulkraws.com or whatsapp at +8613684945167.all be fine.looking forward to have great business with u.

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