if i am a roids seller,how could i create my new brands?

Sir, the following methods can help you,
1 if I want to create my brand, what laboratory equipment will I need?


filter pumps,distribute vial machine, caps bottle machine,10ml bottles.boxes,labels.


what should i do if i want to make oils into injectables?


we sell semi-finished steroid oils in global,u just need to have a filtering,that is ok to use.


if i buy oils from u,how should i operate it?


u could buy filter pumps,distribute seal machine,caps vial machine from me here,

after u try oils and labs  instruments from us,when u are going to operate them,

the detailed steps and filtering videos will be sent to u,no problem.

after u use filter pumps to get injectables,then when should i do?


Section 1:u neeed to use distribute vial machine to distribute the  injectables from the filter

pumps into 10ml vial bottltes.

Section 2:after u distribute the injectables into 10ml vial bottles,then u could use caps vial

machine to encapsulate each vial bottles.(10ml,15ml,20ml)



Granulation machine,tablets machine.

if i buy raw  powders, what  should  i do to make poders into pills?


Step 1:, u tell me the Tablets/one piece, tell me what is the weight is.

Step 2:according to your Tablets weights/one piece, and the quantities Tablets u want to do.

then i would give u a receipes.furthermore, u also need to tell me what dosages u want to do for

the Tablets.such as Anavar 10mg, Halotestin 5mg,Turinabol 25mg.etc.

Step 3: the receipes could be provided to u.

finally:u process it into Tablets,by granulation machine and Tablet machine.that is enough.



capsule filling board,JNG-255 capsule machine


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