how to make winstrol suspensions 50mg in normal?

how to make winstrol suspensions in normal?


winstrol /stanozolol 50mg/ml   500ml

25g winstrol powder

100ml BB (20%)

10ml BA (2%)

20ml polisorbato 80

345 ml distilled water


Step 1:
prepare powder 25g, BB 100ml,BA 10ml.

Step 2:
use filter machine to filter bb 100ml,ba 10ml, ps80 20ml.

Step 3:

mix wintrol raws 25g,bb 100ml,ba 10ml,ps80 20ml together.

Step 4:

use heating element or alcohol burner to heat the ” mixed”into purity oils.

temperature:150℃ to 160℃

warm-up time:2 to 3 minutes,until the powder be completed into purity oils.

Step 5:
after u make the “mixed”into purity oils,cooling down for a while.

Step 6:

finally, u could use filter pumps to have a filtering,

after u filtered 3 times,u could add 345ml distilled water into the “mixed”,shake it for a

while,that is enough.

filtering times:3 times,

filter paper(sizes):Ф50mm 0.45um Nylon material




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