how to make a order with us?

Section 1:

what methods we support?

Re:western union,bitcoins,bank transfer,moneygram.

Section 2:

Who am i  and how  customers could  contact with us? What are our hours of operation ordering?

(1):we are one of the biggest roids supplier in china,many labs have been cooperated with

us for several years.also including some distributors, selllers and someone who wants us to

help them to create their new brands.

(2):u could send your inquirys to our products forms or u could send your info to our

email( or whatsapp(+8613684945167) directly.that is all be fine.

(3):when u send your inquirys to us,we will have u a reply to u within 24hours.meanwhile,after

u sent the payment,the parcel pics and tracking number will be sent to u within 12hours,

so that u could follow-up your  parcels in clearly positions.

(4):What is the reship policy with raws or oils?

Re:each time,our customer sent the payment,the tracking number will be sent to our

clients,if  our customers find the  tracking number or products  quality have something wrong.

such as:

(1)the products quality could not be satisfied by our customers.

 (2)the parcels are seized by the customs.

Solutions:our customers could send feedback to us ,we will send full back to our customers in soon, no problem(100% reship).

Section 3:

could i make a free sample on the first order?


mate,the minium order in our here is 10g, ofcourse, if your ordering morethan 500g or 500ml,we will have u some free samples for test,no problem.

and if u become our stable customers,the free samples must be ok for u!




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